The Mike Austin Swing

Mike Austin's protege' and most popular student is Mike Dunaway. Renown, but now retired  Long Drive competitor  now residing in Arkansas. Listed below are comments from golfers you might recognize.

Gary Player: "He hit the longest drive I personally have ever seen. On the 485 yd par 5 on the 9th hole at Jeremy Ranch, his drive came to rest 15 yards from the green which I was on."

 Davis Love III: "Mike Dunaway has the purest swing of all long-drivers I have ever seen and he doesn't use a gimmick club."

Greg Norman: "He is the longest human on earth".

John Daly: "Two guys back home can hit it past me...Mike Dunaway and Bobby Wilson."

John Andrisani: "Mike Dunaway's presentation of the golf swing on DVD is the best I have ever seen."

Art Sellinger: "Mike Dunaway has the best golf swing in the history of long driving."

James Achenbach: "For my money, Mike Dunaway is the best overall driver of the golf ball in the world."

Tommy Aaron: "If Iron Byron breaks down, they can replace it with Mike Dunaway."

Bruce Crompton: "He is the longest, most accurate power-driver I have ever seen."

Ken Venturi:
"Combines power and accuracy with a driver better than anyone I've ever seen."

The Mike Austin Swing  secret was a revolutionary approach to hitting a golf ball that evolved out of his engineering and physics studies at Emory University and Georgia Tech and his PhD work in kinesiology, the science of human movement. Mike looked at the human body and said this is the best way to fit this machine with this job. Many believe it is the most efficient golf swing in history. You watch the old films, and the Mike Austin swing is so natural that it looks like Mike is laying up even when he's going for the moon.

"This guy had a golf swing that was forty years ahead of its time," says Art Sellinger, the two-time National Long Drive Champion who cofounded the LDA.

"Mike Austin could get more ou
t of less than anyone. When amateur golfers sit on the couch, this is how they dream of hitting a ball."

With such astonishing and consistent ball striking capability you might wonder why the Mike Austin Swing method is not widely used and accepted in the golf world. As history has it, the reason is that because of Austin’s salty, caustic and abrasive personality he continually alienated Professionals by insulting and cursing at them and their conventional golf swing methods. He would often speak in this manner while giving lessons. Although Austin would outdrive his Professional playing partners, often by 50-80 yards he rarely could beat them as a player. So, the Professional world regarded Mike Austin as a side show or carnival freak. The Tour
players never wanted to play with Austin due to the embarrassment of being outdriven by vast lengths and his constant insults.

The Mike Austin Swing is unique and powerful and is based upon principals of Kinesiology and Golf Swing Biomechanics. These concepts leverage the strengths of one’s arms and legs in ways that are not possible in the conventionally taught golf swing.

According to Austin, “It’s the coordination and synchronization of the 12 compound pivots without impedance”. The pivots are the two ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and wrists. See Learning the Mike Austin Swing Method.

The procedure also eliminates the problems of acute timing required by the conventional swing, which rolls the clubhead around the shaft for producing precision accuracy and trajectory. The Austin swing will keep the clubface square to a rotating plane and the target line for almost the entire swing.

And, importantly theMike Austin Swing does not place stress on any parts, or joints in the body. Mike Austin Swing uses the joints as they were intended to be used in the golf swing based on his knowledge of Kinesiology and principles of the  Golf Swing Biomechanics. See below for details of the  golf swing mechanics. It is a smooth, natural, rhythmic and athletic motion that is a pleasure to watch. The Mike Austin Swing philosophy utilizes the 12 compound pivots as levers and fulcrums to generate incredible clubhead speed with a throwing action that begins at the top of the golf swing. The clubhead is in full release through impact and actually reaches maximum speed just after impact. The swing produces no adverse stress on any part of the body, enabling the golfer to play virtually pain
free. The swing uses the levers to produce clubhead speed, NOT FORCE.